Tennen Studio

Tennen Studio is a multi-disciplinary firm that designs buildings, landscapes, spaces, furniture and objects. We approach our work with curiosity and rigor. We push new ideas and technologies, while embracing the things that time cannot change - natural light, change of seasons, and the inherent physical and sensual qualities of materials. Tennen Studio pursues simplicity in our design work, both as an economy of gesture as well as a removal of the non-essential.

In our work process the distinction between designing and making is blurred. The reality of crafting and building inspires the design process, and design and experiential qualities inspire the making.

Tennen Construction builds the architectural work of Tennen Studio and facilitates the fabrication of furniture and objects.

We collaborate with clients, consultants and craftspeople who share our passion for designing and making.

Sarah Swartz Wessel and Ethan Wessel founded Tennen Studio in 2001.

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